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Next Door Photos empowers realtors, business owners and home builders with visual marketing solutions so they can get back to doing what they do best: running businesses and buying/selling houses. We have a team of local, highly-trained visual media professionals providing you with same day availability and next day turnaround.


We are a Kingdom-Minded organization that thinks people are more important than profits. As a locally-owned and OABR-affiliated company, we care deeply about Omaha and making it a better place to live & work. Know of a ministry/non-profit/cause that could benefit from our donated products? Please let us know as we are always looking for ways to invest in our community.


We offer the most comprehensive suite of visual media products in the industry. We know how important it is to stay fresh on technology and offer you the best products for your listings.  Ask us about the cool things we are working on and the future of real estate visual media (like virtual reality)!

Our Team

Jon 1


Jon is the Managing Partner of Next Door Photos Omaha. He is a native of South Dakota, who currently lives in West Omaha, and is passionate about constantly pursuing excellence in business. With that comes a strong belief that great business relationships are built on trust, and integrity. His goal is to empower realtors and homeowners by providing them with high-end visual marketing media. When he is not working, you can find him on the lake boating, at a golf course, or spending time with his family.



Nick was born and raised in California, but moved to the Omaha area in 2013. Nick is a dedicated business man who believes that consistently executing the best quality, and making each interaction as simple and seamless as possible for the customer. Nick is a man of integrity and honesty in all aspects of his life. Outside of his developing business ventures, Nick is a devoted father and husband to his wife and three boys. Nick spends his spare time enjoying baseball, golf, and photograph/videography.

Lindsey - cropped


Lindsey is an Omaha local who is passionate about helping people reach their goals. She spent the last year and a half abroad in 12 different countries doing volunteer work and biblical studies while also continuing in her career of photography and videography. She loves capturing the places around her and using her camera skills to assist others and bring joy. In her free time Lindsey runs her own youtube channel/podcast, writes music, and can most often be found at a coffee shop working on her personal photos and videos.

Headshot - Nicholas Simmonds (Omaha)


Nicholas was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska and completed his bachelors degree in Multidisciplinary Studies at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, with focuses in marketing and business management. He believes that communication is key to success in any endeavor and works to build relationships with everyone he comes in contact with. Photography and videography are his passions, and outside of that he enjoys being outdoors, golfing, and traveling.

Headshot - Tyler Lojka (Omaha) circular


Tyler IS a videographer from Lincoln, Ne.

Headshot - Seth Bench (Omaha) circular


Seth was born and raised in Omaha and received his Bachelor’s degree in Communication with a focus on Public Relations and Advertising from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He has a passion for film and dreams of writing/directing big-budget films. He is currently writing a simple, yet intriguing full-length screenplay that he hopes to get off the ground in the coming years.